Starting your own business!

At Crepe Masters, we believe in sharing our knowledge so that other people may use what we’ve learned to better there own circumstances without having to make all the mistakes we’ve made in the past.

Some people ask us why we would give our information to potential “competition” and the answer is simple. Since our industry in Atlanta is so small and has tons of space to grow, we believe there’s plenty of room for anyone who wants to try. Instead of competition; they would be allies in helping us create a larger appetite in for the crepe industry in Atlanta and other places.

We also believe that if we can have a network of people in our industry that share experiences, we can all benefit from each other rather than hording information and prevent the growth of our industry.

Below we have two forms of consulting that we can provide.

  1. Mobile Crepe Station Package
    Ideal for catering and outdoor festivals
  2. Retail Crepe Package
    Ideal for adding on to an existing location or starting from scratch in a café, kiosk, or store front.

We’ll provide an expert to work with you to get you up and running. Training will include:

  • Live demonstrations
  • Hands-on training
  • Business secrets and tips training
  • Spinning
  • Cheffing
  • Food Preparation
  • Site evaluation
  • Presentation
  • Mobility Set-Up and Break Down
  • Plus anything else we know that may help you!

There’s no better time than now to take matters in your own hands and try something unique, entertaining, and something you’ll enjoy doing!

For a consultation, please call 404-661-7688
or email us:


Our main goal is to put a smile on every customers face by entertaining them and making them feel good.

We are always looking for individuals who have certain qualities needed to become part of our team.

The right candidate shares these core values:

  • We work as a TEAM.
  • Work Hard and Have Fun…we make it Fun for everyone.
  • We are Responsible to our customers, our team mates and ourselves to be profitable and grow.
  • We are Efficient and never wasteful.
  • We have a good Balance between personal and professional life.
  • Our customer feedback is something we are Proud of.
  • We are always on time, clean, and committed in a Courteous manner to our customers.
  • We are always improving our Skills.
  • The Relationship is more important than being right.
  • We are always Giving 100% when we are working.

If these core values resonate with you then please complete the Crepe Masters Employee Application and return it via email or fax to 678-398-7425 and we will contact you as soon as we have any openings.

*Must be 18 or older, have your own vehicle, and your own cell phone.

Download Employee Application Form