Q) How much does it cost to have you come out and cater an event?
A) It all depends on the amount of guests you plan on having at your event but if you provide that information on our reservation form and submit it, we will be more than happy to send you an estimate.


Q) How many crepes does everyone get?
A) Typically we’ll estimate two crepes per person which normally works out very well but the customer ultimately has the power to decide how many crepes we serve.

Q) Is there a minimum number of guests?
A) You can have any number of guests, but the minimum we charge for is 20 guests.

Q) What’s included if I book a party?
A) One Crepe chef, 1-2 hours of serving time (depending on how many guests you have), our full entrée and dessert menu, and French music to set the ambience.

Q) How do I reserve my date and time?
A) Simply fill out the reservation form and submit it to us and we’ll check our availability. If we have any opening, we will contact you and let you know our status and if you want to officially reserve your date and time, all you’ll need to do is pre pay the “set-up/preparation” fee.

Q) Are there any additional fees?
A) Yes. There may be a travel fee depending on how far your events location is. You can view our travel pricing on the reservation form.

Q) Can I customize the menu?
A) Of Course! We typically bring our full entrée and dessert menu but if you’d like to simplify and select a few from our menu you’re more than welcome to.

Q) Does Crepe Masters have a store where we can go to eat?
A) At the moment, we don’t have a retail location but we have various public events that you can visit us at that are listed on our Visit us on location pagepage.

Q) How long has Crepe Masters been in business?
A) Four years and counting.

Q) Is Crepe Masters a Franchise?
A) No, but we are building our own plan for franchising in the near future. At the moment we having a training package which can help you start your own crepe business for a fraction of the cost of buying into a franchise. For more info, please visit our Business/Career Opportunities page.


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