Special Offers: Valid only for the three groups listed below
The special for these three occasions below include:
• Two hours of service
• Unlimited crepes
• 1 Crepe chef
• French music (optional)


In order to qualify for this special, customer must be hosting an event as listed below. Not valid for any kind of parties and not valid after 4pm Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.

Networking Special
Let us come out to your next networking event and provide great food, service, and entertainment which are guaranteed to create a buzz and help break the ice at your event.
*Offer good for week days and nights only
Teacher Special
Because teachers play such a significant role in the future of our country’s development, but sometimes don’t get the support and appreciation that they deserve, we’re showing our gratitude and appreciation by cutting our cost and making it affordable for you to bring us in and give your school’s teachers a few hours of relaxation and a well deserved treat.
*Offer good till the end of the 2010-2011 school year.
Real Estate Special
Everyone knows the real estate market has been tough to say the least, and we’d like to do something about it. We’ve done many successful caravans, showings, open houses, and grand openings in the past and would like to help draw more prospects to your event and help impress your clients.
Gain a reputation for going all out for your clients but do it with a very modest budget!
*Offer good till the real estate market rebounds!
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